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Welcome to Tripstylers

Tripstyler is an exclusive Destination Management Brand under Glam Holdings Pvt Ltd offering unforgettable authentic guided holidays combined with an informed experience of Sri Lanka. Our tours comprise of 14 different packages, each uniquely designed and varying from the other, eager to transform your holiday in this endearing paradise island into a enduring journey. With us, every individual traveller is treated with utmost care and attention without exceptions and we create the difference between a satisfactory tour and an outstanding one, with the help of our experienced and professional group of tour guiding personnel.
We use our knowledge and add those minor extra touches to make your holiday even more special. You will be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of this magical land, viewed from above when travelling by way of 'Air Taxi', offered as an additional charm in most of our Holiday tours... Read More »

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Special Promotions

  • China offers Sichuan province World Tourism Fair Free for Sri Lanka

    In a good will gesture by the Government of China of the Sichuan Province has agreed to offer the World Travel Fair to be staged in the Sichuan province at gratis to Sri Lanka Tourism

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      This special package offers you once in a lifetime opportunity to experience all the venture you imagined to have at your own phase

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      Witness the opulence and the best of Sri Lanka out of the best from extensive range of selections of Tripstylers special promotions

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      Revive your thirst for exploring diverse civilizations by witnessing the unique culture of Lions whilst walking through the isle of the Lion Rock with heavenly maidens

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      Be a part of the majestic heritage, where stone carved Buddha statues, world famous painted walls and ceilings and rock caves are still tenderly kept alive

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      Rediscover the mysteries of the hills & valleys covered with lusty greens and colored blossoms conjure visions of splendor

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      Reveal the traditions of healing and unveil the hidden secrets of meditation through your spirituality and soothing journey across the country

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      Sri Lanka is the proud custodian of more than 50 Ramayana sites from the place of Seetha Devi’s captivity to the battlefields where vast armies clashed….

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  • Destinations

    Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is a tropical Indian Ocean island below the southern tip of India of approximately 65,000 square kilometres (26,000 square miles) in size with a surrounding broad continental shelf... Read More »
  • Activities

    In Sri Lanka, you are never short of activities which keep you busy and entertained ever. You can try your patience in such a long array of adventure games, benefit from Ayuruvedic traditions ... Read More »
  • Tour Packages

    Tripstyler is truly specialized in special interest tours, Family travel, romance, wellness and spa, beach vacation, Luxury adventures,Golfing, cruises, business travel, Gourmet, and cooking class with a local chef, Cultural talk by a well-known historian, spend the day with indigenous families, And with Buddhist monks discussing spiritual, esoteric and esoteric subjects,Cocktails with contemporary artists, or private dinner, Read More »
  • Excursion

    Tripstyler offers a wide range of exciting excursions tailored to suit the visitor very unique opportunities to explore the wonderful sights and sounds that make Sri Lanka the exotic place it is. Read More »
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